Just For YouWhich Plantation Shutter is Right For You?

Which Plantation Shutter is Right For You?


When it comes to building your home, one of the most important aspects is your privacy. There are several kinds of shades for your home such as blinds and curtains that are used to cover your windows and doors effectively. This is where a plantation shutter comes in, offering the best protection solutions to protect you from the sunlight and maintain your privacy from passersby looking into your home. But the question is, which one should you choose for your home? In this article, we will be looking over the different kinds of plantation shutters and offering which one would suit your space.

Types of Plantation Shutters


Don’t leave your home unhinged with hinged plantation shutters in your home. This is one of the most chosen options for the home. This is because in one window you can add a variety of panels, allowing you to choose which part of the window to keep open or to keep close. One can slide and the other can manually open and close. You can choose the amount in which you can see outside, perfect for sunny weather to give the right dose of vitamin D.


Bi-Fold plantation shutters are the perfect way to choose the amount in which you would like to open for your home. This includes whether you would like the shutters themselves open or closed and whether you would like to fold open part of the shades. Unlike hinged blinds, these do not require you to take up room inside when you open the shades to see everything. This is perfect for small spaces. It also provides more options of how you want to open the blinds.


Here’s the perfect coverage for your door or window! Replacing or using in conjunction with an existing slide door, it provides the perfect shade for your home and allows you to enter into and out of the home. It can also barricade certain open spaces around the home, providing privacy and a more organised home. It can easily glide in either direction while being able to see or cover yourself from outside.  These are perfect to shade sliding doors or big open areas in the home to allow your home privacy and ability to easily enter and exit every part of the property.

Aluminium Outdoor

Aluminium outdoor plantation shutters are perfect for the exterior of your home. Whether you need coverage on the balcony, pergola or BBQ section in your front or backyard, there are many plantation shutters to choose from for this. They are highly durable, able to withstand poor whether conditions and prevent deterioration in the sun. In this way, you’ll be able to feel confident that your home will be protected, giving you the privacy you need.

The Last Curtain

There are a range of plantation shutters to choose from perfect to suit every kind of home owner. Whether you need coverage for particular areas of the home or the variety of different kinds of openings to choose from, there is something for everyone.

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