Career 3 things you need to remember when embracing a...

3 things you need to remember when embracing a successful career


Not everyone reaches success. Despite putting unending hours of effort, sweat and tears, millions of people throughout the world won’t quite get to where they want to be. For those select few that do “make it”, it is essential that you remember where you came from and how success came to you. Losing sight of your origins can and will hurt your relationships, both now and into the future.

Here are several things you should remember when embracing a successful career, including words of wisdom from some of the world’s most successful celebrities.

Russell Crowe – training isn’t essential

As a casual reminder, Rusty is an actor, so this advice should be treated as being specific to his career. When promoting his film “The Nice Guys” in 2016, the New Zealand-born Australian actor argued that formal training isn’t essential to be an actor. And in many respects, this thinking can be applied to many professions. Instead of focusing so much on honing your craft, focus on why you want to do this and then success will come.

Leonardo DiCaprio – happiness is crucial

In a recent interview with the Telegraph, Leo admitted that wealth and success wouldn’t bring happiness. In fact, the Oscar-winning actor said that for him the most important part for him is knowing that you’ve fulfilled an exciting life. For him, it’s about finding happiness in contributing to the world around you.

Tina Fey – don’t be afraid to contribute

Tina Fey was a seminal member of the comedy sketch team at “Saturday Night Live”. In 2006, she created the wildly successful comedy series “30 Rock” and later “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, both of which have accrued a plethora of awards. Fey’s success can be attributed to her work philosophy, which is always to contribute and get involved, regardless of the setbacks.

Isabella Gregor
Isabella Gregor
Isabella Gregor is a reporter with Quilter. Prior to joining Quilter in 2019, she covered Western Australia for the WA Today. Isabella is covering career topics and reporting on any HR issues.

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