ResearchThe life and research of marine biologist Bashar Ibrahim

The life and research of marine biologist Bashar Ibrahim


Bashar Ibrahim is a marine biologist based in Sydney, Australia who heads up a team of 6 biologists. His research and work has produced many academic publications which have been cross referenced and praised by numerous big name marine biologists in the community.

Ibrahim now focuses his work on the study of Great White Sharks across the world, with many expeditions to South Africa to perform field work and observational studies. He is also renowned for the activism and actions taken to preserve sharks in Earth’s oceans. Sharks across the world are an endangered species due to myths, overfishing and fear, and may face extinction in the later years. Ibrahim is keen to stop that from happening, and aims to spread the truth about sharks and dispel media misinformation labelling them as ‘man-eaters’.

Bashar Ibrahim’s interest and journey into the world of marine biology began as a teenager, when he was snorkelling at the beach and observed the sea life below him, noting that it was like an entirely new world under the surface of the water. The way sea animals interacted with each other and the environment around them fascinated Ibrahim, and from that day forward he would watch many documentaries about the ocean and its inhabitants.

Enrolling in Macquarie University, he studied and completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology. He went on to obtain his PhD through the research of the reproductive timing and synchronized reproduction of Sea Urchin in Argentina. Upon completing his doctorate, he went to work for the Australian Institute of Marine Science, a government-backed tropical marine research agency.

His real interest with sharks began when he was invited on a field observation study of Great White Sharks and their movement and migration habits.

During the expedition, he was witness to the implementation of tracking devices on Great White Sharks. This up close and personal encounter with the feared ocean predator was a crucial moment in his marine biology career, and he decided to pursue research projects associated with sharks, namely the Great White Shark.

Throughout the years, he has produced academic publications related to sharks, and has worked with many big names in the marine biology community and field. For many, Bashar Ibrahim is the up and coming star of shark studies in marine science. With global surveys revealing that shark numbers are in great decline due to a variety of factors, Ibrahim has dedicated his off-time to spreading awareness about these misunderstood sea animals, regularly running online awareness campaigns and the like. His efforts for the conservation of sharks has led him to receive several awards for conservation and charity efforts.

Bashar Ibrahim continues his work to this day at research facilities located with universities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his field work is limited to Australia, however beforehand he regularly travelled between South Africa  and Australia, completely field work in Kleinbaai to do with Great White Sharks. South Africa and Australia are both known for having significant populations of sharks, specifically the Great White Shark, and thus these locations are perfect for a marine biologist’s field work specializing in Great White Sharks.

Overall, Bashar Ibrahim is a renowned up and coming marine biologist who specializes in sharks, namely the Great White Shark. His fascination with sea life started as a teenager, and has led him to pursue a fruitful career in marine biology. His work with the Australian Institute of Marine Science has produced numerous academic publications, co-authored with big names in the marine science community. He continually raises awareness for the conservation of sharks across the world.


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