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How Outsourcing to the Philippines Will Up Your Tech Game


With the advent of new technology at alarmingly accelerated rates each year and increasing demand for understanding how to apply them in business, companies face hard choices. Focus on adapting to the newest technology, or focus on the vision of the company? Technology is only one ingredient of business success, yet the time required to keep up detracts from other important aspects of running a company. Outsourcing vendors hold the answer to this question of priorities. Consider offshore outsourcing to the Philippines to fill gaps in your company’s expertise while your in-house team continues to build up your brand and create your vision.

The first technological perk of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines is advanced data security. As billions of records are breached every year, many companies recognise the problem, but when it comes to the solution, they don’t know where to start. Investing in the right systems and the education required to run them might seem like a good idea, but the effort and cost of an in-house data security project is inefficient when considering that extra protection can be provided by already knowledgeable outsourcing companies in the Philippines, and it doesn’t come with a higher price tag. The reduced cost of labour here provides the perfect opportunity to cut costs and tighten security.

Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global, the mid-market outsourcing leader in the Philippines, notes, “Another technological problem that companies have faced in recent years is the transition to artificial intelligence (AI). AI creates tons of efficiency, for a plethora of tasks including data management, customer analytics, and individual advertising. AI can also be used to run chat boxes or provide customer service on the phone. Today, AI is widely accepted, to the extent that automated chatbots no longer create instant frustration for customers—that is, as long as the artificial intelligence is intelligent enough. Luckily, AI is only getting more powerful and attuned to human needs.

“As AI continues to grow and our understanding of it changes, it is smart to outsource these operations to the Philippines, where your offshore team can focus on bringing their technological expertise to the table, and your company can focus on what they do best. Many outsourcing providers in the Philippines specialise in AI capabilities; investing a lot of effort at home into AI understanding can spread your team too thin,” he adds.

Another trend that Philippine outsourcing companies can help with is the shift to cloud-based systems from server-based systems. IT departments find themselves overwhelmed with the process of revamping this technical infrastructure. In fact, recent surveys have shown this shift to be the number one challenge for IT teams. Luckily, Philippines-based outsourcing leaders such as PITON-Global can bring the expertise, experience, and tech straight to your company, saving you time in development.

Your company may be aware of the need to keep up with high levels of tech investment, not only in AI, but in data analytics. While analytics represent the fastest increasing tech investment, there is still a focus on quality management, eLearning, and virtual assistants. Even virtual reality is becoming a point of focus for successful companies. The chances of finding in-house talent to develop VR experiences for potential clients is often low. Your company may have one piece of the puzzle figured out, but investing in these technologies overseas can bring you the blanket expertise necessary to truly have it all.

When it comes to all these technologies, outsourcing to the Philippines is your best bet to meet your goals without sacrificing quality. The reason for this lies in both the culture and infrastructure of the Philippines. Since the first Philippine outsourcing centre was established in 1992, hundreds of companies have joined the industry. Now over 1.2 million Filipinos are employed in BPO. Recognising the potential economic benefits that outsourcing can generate, the government has funded BPO programs at universities that expose potential employees to the necessary technology before they even enter the workforce. Additionally, since the average age in the Philippines is 23, these employees are likely to have grown up immersed in the technological world. Other organisations in the country, such as the National Information and Communication Technology Confederation, keep a BPO development focus. This ensures that when you call an outsourcing company in the Philippines, they’re ready.

Don’t fall behind in this fast-paced world of technology! There are hundreds of outsourcing vendors in the Philippines waiting to show you what they can do.

Matthew Wearne
Matthew Wearne
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