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Polymide 5, a New International Biocosmetics Formulation Technology, Proven for Its Anti-Aging Efficacy


“Five proven anti-aging effects, including eye wrinkles and face lifting” (Test No.: CBRC-E-220523-41)

Cellinol-5 Cream from Celltem Pharm’s new bio-cosmetics brand “Percent Science” has been shown to effectively treat wrinkles.

In a human application study involving women aged 30 to 59, Cellinol-5 Cream, formulated with Celltem Pharm’s independently developed formula, outperformed the standards in every category, including wrinkle/elasticity improvement around the eyes, skin moisturization, lifting, and skin tone, and its anti-aging properties have been acknowledged to be effective.

According to the findings of a specialized clinical institution, the use of Cellinol-5 Cream for four weeks led to a significant improvement in the appearance of the wrinkles that appear prominently under and at the corners of the eyes. In addition, when Cellinol-5 Cream is applied, skin moisture increases by 43%, and human application tests have demonstrated that the anti-aging effect slows and improves skin aging in eye wrinkles, elasticity, skin tone, and lifting. In particular, 77.3% of the test subjects responded positively to the effect by saying, “It feels like the fine wrinkles around my eyes are filled in.”

After using Cellinol-5 Cream, under-eye wrinkles are diminished; Image/Celltem Pharm

Polymide 5, the core technology of Cellinol-5 Cream, is a pharmacological substance developed by Celltem Pharm whose technology and substance were transferred and licensed. It is an independent formulation technology that effectively blended 5 active ingredients using special polymers. The patented peptide used in the technology is a bio-care ingredient that’s worth over KRW 5.1 billion per kilogram.

During the use of Cellinol-5 Cream, the improvement of eye wrinkles is observed; Image/Celltem Pharm *Under-eye concerns such as temporary drying due to external irritation

In general, when the stratum basale weakens and the flattening phenomenon occurs, a deep valley occurs on the skin. Peptide acts primarily on this area, increasing the key components of the basal membrane to strengthen the skin layer. Furthermore, officials explained that Polymide 5 creates a skin-like membrane to tightly fill in the gaps on the epidermis layer. This special coating membrane prevents moisture within the skin from evaporating outside to help maintain a moist and smooth skin while protecting it from external harmful particles.

Celltem Pharm’s Polymide 5 is basking in the limelight overseas as there is no alternative technology to replace its effect. The next-generation formulation technology Polymide 5 is expected to greatly contribute to the high-functional cosmetics market valued at KRW 26 trillion annually.

Matthew Wearne
Matthew Wearne
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