Just For YouYoga Asanas for Full Body Pain Relief

Yoga Asanas for Full Body Pain Relief


  • Yoga can treat body torment successfully
  • Yoga asanas help in conditioning the entire body
  • Know yoga asanas to fix body torment

Yoga is the best and customary strategy to have a sound existence. It helps in conditioning the entire body. It makes your body increasingly adaptable and gives solidarity to your body.

Yoga is likewise the best characteristic approach to treat body torment. Anybody experiencing a migraine, joint torment, back torment or some other body agony can depend on yoga for treatment. Here are few yoga asanas that can enable you to treat body torment normally.

These yoga asanas won’t just fix body torment yet will likewise give other medical advantages. The best time to play out these yoga asanas is ahead of schedule with a vacant stomach.

In the event that you don’t have enough time toward the beginning of the day, you can likewise rehearse them at night yet your stomach ought to be unfilled. Peruse on know some yoga asanas to fix body torment and furthermore realize their other medical advantages.

Bow present

Bow present otherwise called Dhanurasana is an essential yoga act which is best known for its numerous medical advantages. It is an extremely simple yoga asana which will extend your entire body great. Advantages of Dhanurasana are:

  • Diminishes joint torment
  • Eases back torment
  • Avoids menstrual issues
  • Goes about as a pressure reliever
  • Enhances gut wellbeing
  • Enhances blood dissemination
  • Helps weight reduction
  • Builds adaptability


Lie straight on the floor on your stomach. Presently lift your chest area just as your legs. Twist your knees and raise your hands in reverse. Presently snatch your lower legs with your two hands.

Draw your legs and hands upwards however much as could reasonably be expected. Hold this situation for 15 to 20 seconds and look straight all through the asana. Later returned to the beginning position. Rehash this three times each day for powerful outcomes.

Situated forward curve present

It is generally known as Paschimottanasana. This asana includes pretty much every body part and stretches the body great. This asana is a decent agony reliever but at the same time is known for controlling diabetes and hypertension. A few advantages of Paschimottanasana are:

  • Forestalls cerebral pain
  • Treats stomach related disarranges
  • Fixes back agony
  • Diminishes shoulder and neck torment
  • Lessens fat around the midriff
  • Enhances emotional wellness
  • Fortifies leg muscles


Sit straight on the floor with your legs extended in from of you. Presently breathe in profoundly and raise your arms upwards, over your head. Breathe out and twist forward. Endeavor to contact your touch with your hands. Hold your head down on your knees. Try not to lift your knees amid this asana.

In the beginning, you probably won’t almost certainly contact your toes yet after some long periods of normal practice, you would most likely touch your toes. Hold this stance for 20 to 30 seconds and afterward returned to the beginning position.

Practice this asana every day for better outcomes.

Triangle present

Triangle present is useful for the entire body. It is phenomenal for the muscles of the lower body. It is additionally called trikonasana. A few advantages of Trikonasana are:

  • Lessens joint torment particularly knee torment
  • Fortifies arms and thighs
  • Treats bear torment
  • Fixes back agony
  • Invigorates spinal nerves
  • Improves gut wellbeing
  • Treats neck sprains
  • Reinforces lower legs
  • Tones tendons of arms and legs


Stand straight with your feet one leg-length separated. Draw your correct foot totally outwards. Presently keep your the two arms straight on your sides, parallel to the ground with palms looking down.

Twist your body towards the directly to achieve your correct foot. Presently put your correct hand by your correct foot. Your left arm ought to be broadened upwards and take a gander at your left hand.

Hold this situation for 30 seconds and after that do likewise with the left hand.

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